The importance of Onion

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Onion is a kind of vegetable that all kinds of people eat regularly with their meals. There are some things we eat without knowing the good they do for our body. The nature of Onion is hot. It helps us keep away all the ailments from everyday life.

Catching Loo – Have Onion every day during summers along with meals. It will prevent you catching Loo. If you catch Loo, have 3-4 spoons of Onion juice every day. Also apply this juice on the temples and chest. Keep a small Onion in your pocket.

Black hair – Applying the paste of Onion on the scalp helps the hair grow back in black.

Curing Baldness – Rub the juice of Onion on the bald patches, the hair will grow back. It also cures hair fall.

Stones – Mix sugar with the juice of Onion and give it to the person suffering with stones. The stones will break and come out. Those having stones in the urinary bladder or tract should have Onion juice on an empty stomach in the morning. The stone(s) will break and come out in small pieces. Do not have a lot of it all at once. Have a little at a time.

If urination has stopped – Make a halwa of 1-2 spoons of Onion pulp with the same amount of wheat flour. Warm it slightly and apply it on the stomach as a pack. The stopped urination will start again. Having water in which Onion is boiled usually cures all kinds of ailments related to urination.

Cists – Mix Mustard oil and Onion juice and massage the area with it. It will help. It helps a common headache as well. If you have a headache, apply the pulp of Onion on the soles of the feet. Cut Onion and smell it to cure a headache.
For boils and pimples – Grind Onion to a pulp and add turmeric powder, wheat flour, pure Ghee and some water and warm it a little. Tie it in a cloth and apply it on the pimples or boils. The pimples and boils will break and the pus will come out. It won’t require an operation.

For strength – Mix one spoon of Onion juice and 2 spoons of honey and have a little at a time.
Onion is a tonic for manly strength – Eating Onion brings about a kind of activity in the body. Meaning, it encourages activities that require physical effort. It makes up every deficiency of men. It keeps a woman’s period regular and in check.

Increases Longevity – In earlier times, people used to eat onions a lot more and hence live longer. This is a major part of a poor man’s meal. Consuming this causes all kinds of bodily difficulties to perish by themselves. In case you can’t go to a doctor for certain things, eat Onion. It keeps youth for longer. It makes the face glow. It is the ultimate thing for manly strength and is the best tonic for men.

In case a snake bites – Mix 15 grams of Onion juice and 15 grams of Mustard oil and give it to the victim. This should be repeated thrice a day. The venom will lose its potency and the victim will recover quickly.

Cold – Medicine without Onion – Give 8 doses of Allium Cepa 30 every 3 hours for 5 days. Cough, cold and phlegm will be cured. The nature of Onion is hot hence it helps colds.

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