Medicinal Value of Jamun (Indian black berry) (Best fruits to control the diabetes)

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Medicinal Value of Jamun (Indian black berry)

(Best fruits to control the diabetes)

Jamun (Syzygium Cumuni) is also known as Indian black beery, rose apple or Jawa plum.  It is commonly known as Jamun in all Hindi belts. It is also known as Neralai in Kannada, Neredupandu in Telugu, Naval Pazham in Malayalam, Naga Pazham in Tamil, Kalojam in Bengali, Jamphool in Marathi,and Janukoli in Orriya. It is blackish,violet colored juicy berry fruits are found throughout the country particular in rainy season.

It’s power house of the health. It has been named as diabetic fighter,  recommended by studies-Indian Journal of Pharmacology,Biochemstry,division of Bhabha Atomic resarch Centre and Central Drug Resarch Institute-for its hypoglycaemic properties(lowering the sugar level).

Jamun is blackish-violet colored juicy berry fruits are found throughout the country particular in rainy season. The trees of Jamun can be grown under even adverse soil and climatic conditions, both in tropical and subtropical. Dry weather is quite favourable for flowering and fruits settings. Early rains are good time for growth and development and ripening of fruits.

Jamun fruits are good source of Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Minerals, Vitamin-C, Sodium, Potassium and Carotene and are reported quite useful for the heart, and liverdysfunction. The seeds of Jamun are an effective home remedies commonly used by ayurvedic practitioner from times immoral to control the diabetes. The complete tree of Jamun is used for treating various disorders of the body organs. The Bark, the leaves, the fruits and seeds are widely used from times immoral for the treatment of various diseases. The bark of Jamun is good to treat the thirst (in diabetic condition most), the sore of throat, bronchitis, asthma, dysentery, ulcer and it’s also purified the blood. The ash of burn leaves is good for gum and teeth. The fruit, small in size oval shaped, black and purple in colour, sweet in taste is good for diabetes, liver and heart toning.

Jamun is considered as most effective traditional medicine that helps in controlling diabetes. If powder of Jamun seed is taken with normal water every day 3-4 times, it tones up the liver basically pancreas which is responsible for producing the insulin the most important hormones which helps to control the sugar level in blood stream. Insulin is an important hormone that is produced by a small clump of pancreatic cells the islets of langerthans. In some cases, pancreas does not produce enough insulin, in result of that blood sugar levels in blood stream just goes high. In other cases, it has been found that insulin produced by the cells remains unutilized in result of that sugar level in blood also goes high. In that cases, the powder of Jamun seeds activate the cells that help to restore the hormonal activity of the pancreas to maintain the insulin action that control the sugar level in diabetes.

Jamun seed has also gastro-protective properties. Jamun is effective in peptic ulcer, it helps to promote the mucosal defensive factors and antioxidant status and decrease lipid peroxidation. It has hypoglycemia, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-HIV and anti-diarrheal effects.

Jamun has also anti-cancer and anti-viral properties. Its fruits extract inhibits growth and induces apoptosis of breast cancer.

Jamun juice is carminatives’, having mild astringent effect, stomachic, and diuretic, gives a soothing effect in digestive system. The juice of ripe fruit is used for preparing sauces as well as beverages. It is also dried with common salt and preserved as digestive powder or Curran.

The powder of Jamun bark is applied extremely to effectively control the bleeding. The fruits are effective in blood purifying and are also effective in the treatment of skin eruption like freckles. Fruits pulps with sesame oil are effective in higher fevers. If, Jamun is taken with okra its blood sugar-lowering action is intensified. The paste of seeds mashed with water is best for treating the ACNE.  The extract of tender leaves of Jamun and leaves of Mango if taken together that helps to stop vomiting in jaundice.  The Juice of ripe fruits or decoction of Jamun vinegar works in the enlargement of spleen, chronic diarrhea and urine retention.

Jamun seeds, Karela (bitter gourd), Tulsi (Basil) and Gurmar, if taken regularly, it control the diabetes in better way. It has good effect and does not allow the sugar molecule to accumulates in the body.

Medicinal Value of Jamun (Indian black berry) (Best fruits to control the diabetes)7.810130

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