Medicinal properties of Black Gram:

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

• Gram is available in many different forms – black, yellow, thick white Gram, red, Kabuli, small Gram etc.
• Soak black Gram and Raisins in water over night and have this in the morning. This is very healthy.
• Gram should be eaten less when hungry since it may cause Constipation.
• Black Gram has the healthiest characteristics. Eat them in any form without peeling.
• Avoid consuming Gram flour and Gram pulse often since they’re less healthy. This is because the grains are peeled. Consuming a parched grain meal of Gram (Sattu) is very healthy because it is made without being peeled. Peeled Gram causes constipation.
• Black Gram helps supplying the body with Protein. It is also called the King of Protein.
• Black Gram helps in purifying our system and removing all kinds of toxins from the body. It stops gases and bacteria from happening and helps maintains a constant body temperature.
• Gram has some select elements and it also has some salt content which cannot be found in any other food. This element helps keep the blood pure and keeping the body strong.
• Gram is beneficial to children and adults alike.
• If hunger strikes when outside, keeping Gram handy is beneficial.
• Those who do hard physical tasks must have black Gram in all its forms.
• A horse’s strength explains how strength-giving Gram is. It is often said that to gain a horse’s strength, one must eat Gram.

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