Benefits of Gooseberry (Aamla)

Sunday, May 16th, 2010
  1. Indian Gooseberry has the properties of healing all ailments and diseases.
  2. Eating Gooseberry everyday gives youthful energy to young and old alike.
  3. Gooseberry is abundant in Vitamins. Every person needs 50 mgs of Vitamin C daily. 1 Gooseberry is equivalent to 2 Oranges. Gooseberry jam is very strengthening for the system.
  4. Pregnant women must have Gooseberry in any form.
  5. Gooseberry is more energy giving than an Egg.
  6. Gooseberry is very helpful for people who have blood pressure problems.
  7. Gooseberry helps in mending broken bones.
  8. Gooseberry is very helpful in treating nose-bleeds. Soak dry Gooseberry in water and wash hair with this water. Eat Gooseberry jam. Put drops of Gooseberry juice in the nose.
  9. Eating dry grinded Gooseberry helps stones in the bladder.
  10. Mixing honey in Gooseberry juice helps with Diabetes.
  11. Soak dry grounded Gooseberry in water and drink it in the night. It helps in digestion and strengthens the digestive system.
  12. Drinking the juice of 1-2 Gooseberries regularly kills worms in the stomach. Have it for 5 days regularly.
  13. Health conscious people should have fresh gooseberry juice mixed with honey followed by milk. It keeps the body very healthy. It keeps one fresh, youthful and going all day.
  14. Drinking Gooseberry juice is good for eye-sight.
  15. Vomiting during pregnancy can be stopped by having Gooseberry jam.
  16. Apply powdered Gooseberry ointment on the face to make it look clean and reduce spots.
  17. In case of nausea and giddiness during summers, have Gooseberry sherbet.
  18. For a sore throat and loss of voice, have pellets made of dried Gooseberry.
  19. Gooseberry has the property of helping the hair grow. Due to its sourness, it’s a good cleaning agent. Eat Gooseberries every day.
  20. It keeps old-age away. Roll 2 spoons of dry powdered Gooseberry and eat. It helps in increasing longevity.
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